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Essential Living Chiropractic Care is distinct; providing unique and thorough evaluation and treatment of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Dr. Josh Nannen uses specific ways of adjusting the spine and extremities, as well as vibration platforms in order to balance the brain and body to optimize function. At Essential Living Chiropractic we specialize in Wellness Chiropractic Care, 
Brain Balancing,
 Posture, Balance & Fall Risk Assessment, 
Multiple Adjusting Techniques (Manual and Instrument Assisted)
, Vibration Therapy, 
and Manual and Instrument Assisted Muscle Work Techniques. Chiropractic helps the body more easily cope with stress. At Essential Living Chiropractic we value God and family and strive to have integrity in all we do. We hope to provide chiropractic treatments in Tyler, Texas and to as many families as possible in the East Texas area, creating a paradigm shift toward natural healthcare for all phases of life.

About Our Chiropractic Practice Areas

Essential Living Chiropractic Care focuses on helping the entire family through Chiropractic Adjustments. With multiple adjusting techniques of the spine and extremities, Dr. Josh will work to balance the brain and body and ensure you are working and healing to your full health potential. At Essential Living Chiropractic we do Muscle Work with adjustments. Dr. Josh believes through experience that patient’s recover faster and hold their adjustments longer when combining the adjustment with muscle work. Essential Living Chiropractic believes Prenatal Adjustments and Pediatric Care are essential. Chiropractic care during pregnancy creates optimal alignment of the spine and pelvis thereby creating an overall healthier and more comfortable pregnancy. Studies show that roughly 65% of the development of the child’s nervous system occurs in the first year of life, this is why Chiropractic care is vital to the proper development of any child. Please click below to learn more about our specific practice areas.

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Meet Dr. Josh Nannen

Dr. Josh Nannen has been seeing a chiropractor since the age of ten. His parents knew the importance of preventative wellness care for the spine and wanted their children to have a great start and development through life!

As an East Texas native, he grew up in Jacksonville where he excelled in sports and school and received scholarships to play soccer at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Business. Dr. Josh credits chiropractic care for unleashing the potential within him that allowed him to perform at an elite level both on and off the field.

His love of serving people and his passion for learning how the human body works drew him to Chiropractic as a potential career, and after working for a year as a therapy technician at a chiropractic office, he made the move to Parker University in Dallas.

It was here that Dr. Josh obtained his second bachelor’s degree in Health and Wellness and a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. He graduated at the top of his class and went to work as an associate doctor in a busy chiropractic office in Frisco, TX gaining as much experience as possible to better treat his patients.

Dr. Josh’s time at school and time as an associate doctor cultivated his love for wholistic wellness Chiropractic care. The purpose of Chiropractic care is to insure proper motion of the spine, thus removing interference to the nerve that exits between the vertebrae. He has developed a passion for making sure the brain can communicate properly with every organ, cell, and tissue of the body through spinal adjusting and basic functional neurology. Dr. Josh does not go a week without getting adjusted to maintain the integrity of his own spine! Making the transition from athlete, to doctor, to family man persuaded Dr. Josh to make the move back to beautiful East Texas to serve and care for the community he grew up around, in the unique way that he promotes health and healing.

Dr. Josh and his wife Nicole, who is from Tyler, along with their son’s Liam and Gavin and daughter Melody are creating a community of health, wellness, and family at Essential Living Chiropractic. Their family is honored to love and serve the people of Tyler, and the surrounding areas, and to help them reach, and go beyond, their health and wellness goals.

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Pursue Health • Live Life Aligned

Wish I could clone him! Going to miss you here in Frisco but all of your patients are going to love you at your new practice!

Laura Knoll